Hi Colleen   My sessions with you were amazing.  I only listened to my session for the first time about a month ago. It was quite amazing how much I forgot.  I realised listening to the session that you are a really amazing facilitator too, so thanks!! I feel blessed to have gotten so much out of my session, particularly insights into my family, which have been helpful this whole year for me. Thanks again Colleen     

Love and blessings   Elizabeth

If you have been struggling with issues whether they are health, emotional or feeling blocked, Colleen is the lady for you. Colleen is highly skilled, in fact I think brilliant. Brilliant in how she weaves through what felt like a quagmire to me and linked all the relevant insights together so that I could feel the truth. What release and relief!   And Colleen does all this with such love and respect. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a truly beautiful lady and a highly skilled therapist.  I am infinitely grateful to her for assisting me to change my life. And to the universe for helping me find her.  Gold, pure gold. With mountains of love and thanks to you Colleen.  Joy

Dear Colleen Thank you again for my recent past life session. The experience was extremely significant and insightful. After the session I spent some time reflecting and felt so liberated with the insights I received. I never would of guessed that ‘relationships’ was an area I of was working on in this life, but now that I know it is, my life makes perfect sense and seems so clear. For the first time I feel a sense of peace with my choice of family as well as my very diverse range of friends. I can now understand the significance of every job position I have ever had, and know why each experience was presented and what I was to learn and gain. How perfectly the divine plans are made. I wanted to let you know that your work is valued. I got absolutely everything I needed to know from the session and are extremely grateful. Colleen, keep doing what you do as it truly does add greater meaning to one’s life and a deeper sense of understanding and purpose. With love, Amanda