Do you feel that something is holding you back, life is just not happening the way it should be and you're not sure how to change it?


Perhaps you struggle with behaviours, reactions, and addictions that impact your life in a negative way?


Or perhaps you have questions about life and beyond? Do you wonder why certain people, places, and events (positive and negative) show up in your life? Why you are here, what your purpose is?








Colleen Dooley is one of Australia’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists and MindEnergetix Practitioners. She is Founder and Lead Instructor of the MindEnergetix Institute, (formerly Institute of Hypnoenergetics), Creator of MindEnergetix and Co-creator of Hypnoenergetics®. She is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist and Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist. Colleen enjoys dedicating her considerable skill and devotion to empower her clients to release conditioning, connect to who they really are and enables them to make positive changes to their life.



Colleen has helped many people to identify, understand and totally transform the blockages in their life that hold them back from reaching full potential, and she can do the same for you. Her blend of MindEnergetix, Past Life Regression, and Life Between Lives Therapy allows you to self-explore, to find your resources within and be empowered in your healing.







Colleen is Founder and the Lead Instructor for the MindEnergetix Institute, teaching a Certificate in Hypnosis, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Practitioner of MindEnergetix and Past Life Regression.

She is Creator of MindEnergetix and a Co-Creator of Hypnoenergetics®  


Graduating with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy in 2004, Colleen started working as a Hypnotherapist of an evening whilst working her corporate job during the day. She felt drawn toward alternative healing but like most felt she couldn't leave the safety of a permanent job. She was eventually projected onto her path following a health scare. She knew it was time to listen to her body and follow her heart,  taking a "leap of faith" leaving the security of her corporate income to start her business and have never looked back. She has been in full-time practice as a Therapist since 2008.


Colleen is a Certified Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist having trained and certified through The Newton Institute, USA. She has been one of the Institute's Instructors and has been on the Australian Training Staff since the Melbourne training in 2010.


Colleen holds an Advanced Certificate in Applied Psychotherapy Practice through the Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy as well as a Certificate in Past Life Regression with the Holistic Healing Centre, New York and is an Internationally Certified Instructor with IACT. She is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist/ MindEnergetix Practitioner and Spiritual Regression Therapist living and practicing in Queensland and Northern NSW, Australia.





MindEnergetix and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

About Colleen
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • MindEnergetix Practitioner

  • Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

  • Instructor for The Newton Institute

  • Founder and Lead InstructorMindEnergetix Institute

  • Creator of MindEnergetix, Co-Creator of Hypnoenergetics®

  • Based on the Gold Coast

Colleen Dooley

My experience with Colleen was breathtaking and exhilarating, her professional therapy and services enabled me to become empowered on my journey of trauma and drug addiction recovery. MindEnergetix enabled me to awaken the giant within and embrace all that held me back to become the best me that was otherwise captured and compressed by my trauma and addiction. Colleen assisted me in unlocking all that kept me captive and all that I was afraid to feel which was masked. 

Colleen stood faithfully by my side throughout my journey and encouraged me to remain accountable and to create a secure foundation for my long term future. 

I am ever so grateful and so blessed to say the least, that our paths crossed and she will always and forever be in my heart and in my life. Not only did her services initiate my recovery, but also her personality and nature being so genuine and authentic, it restored my faith in connecting with people again,  after my long term isolation where I had disconnected from the world and any kind of relationship. Colleen never ever gave up on me which was a unique experience for me! Meeting Colleen reminded me of where I came from and where I am going. Without this experience that I’ve encountered in my life, I honestly don’t know where I would be, or even if I’d be alive. Colleen really is heaven sent! 

Anonymous for personal reasons


I have used the professional services of Colleen Dooley in the past 2 years in Byron Bay and very recently in Melbourne in October 2015. I was seeking answers to questions which I could not put to anyone else other than Colleen. I found there were more experiences that require unfolding which I have again taken to Colleen to better understand the sense of a situation which I now understand has been occurring again and again in this life time and probably many other life times. Colleen’s intuitive leadership through Life Between Lives exploration, Hypnotherapy/Hypnoenergetics Training and Counselling Sessions has enabled me to gain greater clarity in the purpose of my close relationships in this lifetime and the purpose of who, why and what each of these people mean to me given that they have impacted on my life. I have been able to re-establish a sense of connection and belonging so that I better understand the relationship between the current life I’m living to my soul’s true ‘home’. I absolutely know that through the work with Colleen that this ‘home’ is where only pure, unconditional love, compassion and harmony exist alongside each other. This is my end game, this is where and what my soul wishes to grow into and to experience on this earth plane.

Julie Ann Sharman-Forbes 


Phil's experience of his first past life session 

Find answers to these questions and many more. You can explore to unravel and make sense of your life’s challenges and release limiting beliefs and energy in order to heal and move forward.


You can release trauma, health issues, childhood conditioning, Past Life imprints or whatever holds you back through MidEnergetix and Spiritual Hypnotherapy.


Colleen has been fortunate to have worked with world-renowned Psychic Medium Charmaine Wilson at her grief retreats. She has also been facilitated LBL sessions for two Internationally acclaimed authors of best-selling books about the afterlife. Dr. Eben Alexander wrote "Proof of Heaven" following his near-death experience. He was drawn to have an LBL session to reconnect with the Soul space he now knows exists and to answer questions about his experience. Barry Eaton's second book "No Goodbyes" included information sought from his LBL session with Colleen.

Colleen is seen as an expert in her field, see her interview below after speaking at the Afterlife Explorers Conference in 2016.